One app to replace them all!

All your work in one place: Tasks, documents, chats, video conferences and more.

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Everything your employees needNewsfeedChatVideoGroupsProjectsTasksCRMMeetingsDocumentsLibraryMotivationTime tracking


Reach all your employees with company news, publications, updates, surveys and appointment scheduling.

Share videos or images in an intuitive newsfeed that encourages motivation and accessibility.

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Chat and group chat

Through individual and group chats, employees can communicate with each other easily and quickly.

Give your employees a secure environment for sharing everything with colleagues.

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Video conferences

Hold video chats and conferences, regardless of the number of participants - easy to access and execute.

Enable a secure environment that facilitates participation and collaboration across any device.

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In groups, you organize departments or project teams flexibly and transparently. Announcements always reach the right people immediately.

Contributions that are only published in one group do not distract users outside the group.

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Project management

Manage projects and teams. Create tasks and milestones and assign these to others.

Have full control over projects finances. Use Kanban boards for better visualization, clarity and planning.

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Task management

Enter your own tasks or distribute tasks to other employees and colleagues and track their processing.

Digitize your old to-do lists and task management methods with SION's innovative task management.

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Sales and CRM

Manage customers, contacts, opportunities and more. Plan campaigns and acquisitions easily and quickly.

With our Sales-Funnel you have all opportunities and sales processes in view at any time.

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Quickly and easily schedule polls, appointments, meetings and events - all meetings in one place.

The attendance confirmation function eliminates the need for manually managed lists.

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With the document management system, all knowledge always remains well organized and findable.

With the user-friendly folder structure, your documents can be accessed at any time, even on the go.

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Share your know-how and provide important documents, templates and infromation.

Each file can be assigned to one or more groups. Thus, everyone receives only what is intended for him.

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Create additional motivational incentives with rewards in the integrated rewards module.

Digitize your rewards and enable a transparent and traceable motivation system.

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Time tracking

Record working hours, vacations and sick leaves,  create reports and automate your workflows.

Digitize time tracking, vacation management and sick leave and keep track of everything at all times.

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What problems SION solves for you

8 good reasons to start now with SION

All employees are easily and comprehensively reached and engaged on a central platform/app.

Comprehensive communication and information leads to greater satisfaction and strengthens collegial cohesion.

All data remains in a secure environment and all sensitive data is protected according to DSGVO.

User-friendly design makes it easy to use and ensures high adoption rate and acceptance.

SION runs on all devices and offers full functionality on desktop as well as iOS and Android apps.

SION is adapted to the corporate design and corporate identity of your company. Free of charge, of course.

Targeted communication and real-time news sharing make for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

As a comprehensive tool, SION replaces a multitude of other programs and apps, thus reducing costs and saving time.

In just 3 steps and within a very short time your SION is ready for use


Commission us

Contact our sales department and place the order for your SION with us!
Within a few hours we will create your SION, which will of course have your corporate design. This way you give your SION an individual touch and ensure maximum identification with your company.


Within 24 hours

We set up your SION

To make the setup as easy as possible, we also take care of this to a large extent!
All we need is a list of employees and some additional configuration settings. We then integrate all the necessary data directly into your SION using a simple upload process.

Within a few days

Involve your employees

Finally, it is important to fill SION with life and to involve all employees in the process!
Using SION is intuitive and easy. To support you in the best possible way, we offer explanatory videos, best practices and a large Customer Service area where you can get the support you need.

Within a few days

Arrange your appointment with us directly

Transform your business into a community with SION

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